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Camera Repair

Whether you are an avid photo hobbyist or a casual photographer, Camera Maintenance is must needed. Our protocol is designed to help you maintain your camera with the regular cleanings.

Our protocol is designed to help you to maintain your camera with regular cleanings.Your camera will be our serviced by well-trained Technicians, to help ensure optimal image quality, lens & internal cleaning.

We Provide Best Repair

Maintain an Optimal Performance & Reliability of the camera. Our technician find something of concern you will be provided with the option to have it repaired (charges may apply) minimizing down time.

Removing an internal dust or debris, an auto-focus adjustment and/or calibration of either the body or the lens are not covered under CMS. These services can be provided as chargeable repair for each item.

Your Camera Dosen't Working? Don't Panic

We can provide Camera Repair & Services

The services offered cover cleaning and maintenance of external components of the camera or lens, as well as the following internal components of the camera: an image sensor, mirror, and focus screen. Complete cleaning of the camera will be performed including the all-important image sensor.

  • Canon Service & Repair / SENSOR CLEANING.
  • DSLR Camera Repair and sell.
  • Lens Repair & Replacement.
  • Battery Replacement.
  • Film Camera Repair and sell.
  • Video Camera Repair and sell.
  • Midium-format Camera Repair.
  • Diagnostic Services.
  • Many other basic as well as complicated problems.
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